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When I say bodybuilding I don't mean masses of useless muscle for the sake of looking huge. I mean working out to get ripped, jacked lean and, if you want, mean (we prefer them that way in the Marine Corps.) I also like working out with and training other guys in a goal-oriented program. Those guns should look good but you should be strong too, to lift, do lotsa pullups, and feel like a healthy aggro animal. Diet, exercise and a positive can-do outlook on life.

I shake my head over those guys I see who think women only want men with huge upper body development and they walk around on chicken sticks for legs. Your whole body includes the wheels. Develop those quads, hams and calves as much as the pecs abs and guns. That's also the biggest muscles in your body and are like furnaces burning fat and calories. That means cardio. Run, shoot hoops, soccer, sparring, mma, burn it up. Cardio is not a nuisance, it's a necessity and will also help with the six pack bricks. But if your genetics tell a different story, do what you can, you may not develop the bricks. Don't starve yourself.
Working out and developing your muscles, feeling them work, knowing you have power is awesome. But the power comes from your head--90% of a good day at the gym is mental. And ditto a good day in your life. Leaving the club feeling like the apha male who can lick anybody and meet any challenge life throws at you, that you are worthy of that significant other in your life and be there for her (or him), you are a problemsolver and a protector,  is an amazing way to feel. Don't mean conceited or narcissistic. I mean CONFIDENT. Hell, drive home barechested, cap on backwards, be smart, be safe don't drive like a maniac, you don't have to prove anything with that physique, buddy.

And remember that a real man works out natural. Steroids, juicing, is for losers.

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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

The disdainful line from the trainers at my gym is, "He can bench more than he can squat!" Anybody who's that far out of balance is ruining himself. Might as well have his "wheels" fall off, right?