Body Jam V's Zumba

I just wanted to write my peice regarding Body Jam v's Zumba.

Firstly in my opinion, Body Jam is the original Dance Aerobic Workout from Les Mills. It has been around for donkeys, and anyone whom has had the pleasure of joining in on one, would agree I'm sure.

I absolutely Loath Zumba. I did give it a go, for quite a while, however I feel Zumba is a try-hard rip off from Jam. Zumba is repetitive and boring in comparison. The music is enough to choke you anyway.

It makes me laugh to think all these people think Zumba is the bees-knees, however they are yet to try the original Body Jam. Jam kicks A** over Zumba. I'm sure if they did try, Zumba would be a thing of the past, which it is slowly becomming.

Thank heavens Les Mills has hit back with another massive aerobic dance mix class.

Sha-bam Sha-bam is here. Support the original Les Mills workouts I say......

leesalisaleisa leesalisaleisa
36-40, F
May 15, 2012