Three times I cried at his concert.

First time.

The opening acts performed. A local fiddler who I cannot remember who. We were not on our seats then since the queue for the liquor is just too damn long. Then Kid Rock performed. I know... whoohoo... *rolls eyes*... but he is a good performer. When he got to those country stuff... ack! ack! ack! *rolls eyes* Sorry... but the faerie isn't exactly country material. Yet the audience digs him. They know his friggin' songs! I was amidst a hive of country rockers. That's where I live anyway... the Prairies. Honestly, I was impressed when he sang rock music. Most of his songs are funny... lots of f*** in them... died laughing at those.

But when he sang Sweet Home Alabama... omg! I do love this song because of the heavy play in guitar. That's when everybody got wilder. They were already wild when he started. And heck, what's a bit more uproar and savageness?!

After another pause, that seems like probably the longest in my life, I was just finishing my Smirnoff Ice when I shrieked!!! I saw Bon Jovi come out of his trailer walking behind the stage. Sylph Jr, who was sitting beside me, panic-stricken, asked what and all I could do is keep shrieking and pointing. Everybody around us were looking at a shrieking faerie! They followed where my finger was pointing... and they all went wild again.

He went up from backstage... three big screens focused on him as he entered the stage... I kept shrieking, my two hands on my head, shaking my head... an overwhelming feeling came rushing... I cried...

Second time.

Midway, he walked limping (he had a pulled calf muscle from the New Jersey concert) around the walkway surrounding the pit fronting the stage. Sat down in the center... fans trying to reach out to him front and back... I kept extending my arms, too but of course I was nowhere near. He sang Bed of Roses... tears can't stop falling... and then he followed it up with I'll Be There For You... the lady behind me offered a Kleenex... I just kept crying...

When Destry mentioned in her post of that effect that he has on stage... let me just add that it is more than that. Des and I can never probably say the right word... it's his influence, his feelings, his impact, his essence... the feeling when you can say you can die tomorrow... okay, maybe exaggerated... but you know what we are trying to say.

I danced and danced the whole time. Never sat down since he came up on stage. I sang even if my throat hurts like hell because I have been sick. Of course now, I could barely whisper when talking. I finished two bottles of Smirnoff Ice... and was bought two more rounds from two groups in the audience. They liked my dancing... haha. In the end they told me that they had as much fun watching me dance as they did watching the concert... Kudos! Weed was being passed everywhere... funny really... Sylph Jr was eying if his crazy faerie mom would take a whiff... Dangit! What a temptation!... *mental note: do not bring kids to a wild concert*... the section we were in has the coolest audience ever. Wild and fun! They really meant to have a good time.

Then the encore came... everyone is as wild as they can be. His final song is Livin' On A Prayer... of course. And after concluding it with the members of the band, they all went centerstage, and took a bow. Cheers, hoots, screams, shrieks, yells... the whole stadium felt like the Bull Running in Spain. Then they started going down the stairs to the backstage... Bon Jovi walking last... then he looked back... three big screens focused on him again... he smiled and waved, and placed his waving hand on his heart... and that smile... his feeling of overwhelming gratitude with all of us... I cried... the Third time.
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It was sweet and surreal, LV... probably the sweetest tears I've ever had... *hugs*...

Aw! so sweet!

LOL! You have been admiring... why would I whack you for that???...<br />
<br />
But yeah... something's wrong... I think I'm sick...

Dang! I just snorted because of Des' comment... haha...<br />
<br />
Make sure to strut girl... Gee would love that!... *Des and Sylph flips hair strutting to and fro*... now strike a pose...

LOL! Well, Glowy... you certainly make up for the singing... I've heard you sing already and you have a lovely voice... really, really sweet voice... I bet you can dance... never met a female who can't! Des and I will show you the moves to the groove...

I so can't dance either, but I don't care...I'd have been right up there with you guys!! I so want to see them. And I think no one would be watching me dance..just trying to figure out who was singing so loudly...

We need to whack some nitwits so they learn to have fun...<br />
<br />
*brandishes wand*...

I think everyone may start loving the word, "nitwit"... haha...<br />
<br />
That's okay if you can't dance, Dean... Des and I have all the moves to make up for your heavy feet... ;)

LMAO!<br />
<br />
Word for the day, huh? I have no idea where my nitwit word came from but it's the best darn description for such people in a Bon Jovi concert...

Actually, I asked him to go have a beer. He finished two and after Bed of Roses and I'll Be There For You... lol... he started dancing! And I mean LOL because he just doesn't have the moves... both left feet and when you watch him, he looks like a trunk of tree swaying with the wind. I think the trees would even look better... haha...<br />
<br />
He got caught up with the moment. Everyone was on their feet... screaming, shrieking, jumping, raising their arms, raising their booze... heck, one would be a total nitwit if you remain immobile. <br />
<br />
Plus there was this group, one who bought me a round, all dressed in black with studs and earings everywhere... they just started walking around and dancing with everyone... if they see someone just sitting, they bug the person. Haha... guess Mr. Sylph dis not want to get embarassed.

I am just relieved that Sylph Jr is 13 now. And yes, there were younger kids there. Tsk, tsk. I never really knew Kid Rock before, his personality and all. Last night caught me in so many surprises.<br />
<br />
It was one of the greatest times of my life, Des. And I wish I can go see him again next time around.<br />
<br />
We would have been a heck of a duo dancing the night away... just imagine how many drinks would have poured in! haha... Next concert, Des... we need to really go together.