Crackles Of Time And Patience

There is something very mystical about fires as it is one of the strongest elements of nature and of the fiercest. Every flame is melded with the one next to it emanating the strongest source of heat and information.

It is also referenced as to the heart or flame of life and having the flame within. I have meditated with this violet colored flame within me and it has become a source of knowledge as far as the essence of time and helping me focus on patience within. Patience is something many of us have issues with in this fast paced environment nowadays. I find just breathing the essence of time it calms the anxious sense to a dull roar and shows me I can ride the natural flow of the universe.

Through the fires of knowledge passing through me and absorbed within my being is a great ally. I suggest many of you sit and find the fire within thyself as it holds one of the many keys to the universe... infinite being/fire  within   :D
MoonFlower11 MoonFlower11
31-35, F
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