Especially In The Late Fall.

I remember going to so many parties in my younger years where there was always a huge bonfire. It was so much fun! Sitting around it and telling stupid ghost stories and just generally kidding around. None of us were of drinking age, but we always managed to score some booze and of course, we all had weed. I love the fall and when the season was in full swing we could always count on the fact that there would be a bonfire. I miss those days. But they are forever locked up in my memory banks, at least until Alzheimer's or death comes for me. LOL!
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2 Responses Jan 12, 2012

Wonderful memories, I just discovering the joys of a bonfires all over again.

Wiil do, thanks.

dont claim nothing but life and that is the one hereafter think about it and mean time you have to libe here on earth sounds like you have wonderful memories so ponder them and keep on keeping on