Sparks My Curiosity

I've never experienced a bonfire in my life. Actually most people from NYC never do, unless you want to mingle with the homeless over blazing trash can in a dark alley. Or if you're a Hasid Jewish man, you can dance around a bonfire with other men only under the surveillance of yawning firefighters. Bonfires are outlawed here.

The only thing that comes close is a candlelit gathering when there's a summer blackout every once in a while. Neighbors whose names you've never knew come together and chat.

Something about fire in the dark which makes people more intimate. You want to tell stories with meaning. With bonfires I can imagine staring at the fire, hypnotized by its energy, the heat warming my bones, the cackling sounds, the smell which invokes a mystical thought like the way incense in temples do. Looking up at the night sky, an endless fabric of sequined stars.
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31-35, F
Nov 5, 2012