Bonfires Seem to Bring Out the Real Person Behind "The Person"

There is just something about watching people interact with a live campfire...some of them change into the person they really are, and some people just continue doing everything you love about them. This is why I love camping. When camping, you have no choice but to build a fire.

 I myself am a fire sign, so I really open up and become who I really am in front of a fire. And that is the favorite part of myself.

The company certainly helps. When there is a campfire - no matter where it is - people start showing up with guitars and bongos and congas...I love it. Everyone gets an instrument. And although I listen to mostly metal... I love this hippy side of me. Yes...I am a tree-hugger...that is my confession.

Kristin, if you're here, you are my saving grace - but not in a religious way. I just want you to know that you helped me find myself. Thank you.

Funny how all this comes out just thinking about campfires....

sbouchette sbouchette
22-25, F
Aug 21, 2008