Smoke On the Mountain.

I was in my truck alone exploring old logging roads high up in the mountains surrounding Mt Rainier in Washington.  I rounded a bend and black smoke started billowing from under the hood. Oh sh!t, there was an electrical fire and the truck was disabled.  I'd planned on camping anyways so what was there to do but make the best of the situation? I gathered a large pile of firewood as it was getting dark, and I built a huge roaring bonfire right there in the middle of the dirt road (this was a wilderness area with next to no visitors expected to be using the road).  Next I set up camp, dragged out the ice chest full of Heinekens, and proceed to drink 'em while cooking buffalo steaks over the fire. It was actually pretty nice! It was a full day before a vehicle came by with some teens 4 wheeling and drinking.  I caught a ride from them back to civilization but almost wish I'd stayed there for a few more days with my beer and my bonfire.

zillaron zillaron
51-55, M
1 Response May 21, 2009

A good thing you were planning on camping!