Rainbow Family

I am going to a drum circle on the 20th in Hot springs, Arkansas,,,then on the 30th I will be at the Gathering of the Tribes,,,Heart fire,,,Drums,,,Danceing,,,Chanting,,,Singing songs about God and Goddess,,,To all my relation,,,may 2009 claim the Masters plan,,,get on on the bus gus,,,get in the van stan,,,lets beat the heart beat and Bring in the bride,,,Love and Light Unight ,,,Master number 11,,,Heart fire not Bonfire,,,Love and Light Mary

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7 Responses Jun 7, 2009

They have gathering all around the world,,,they have an international gathering,,,happens around my birthday,,,March,,,mary

Far away from USA , I can close my eyes go anyplace T.Y.<br />
you are so kind ;)

well where do you live,,,There are rainbows all over this world,,,,Right now they are having nationals,,,in New Mexico,,,,I am going to Missouri,,,well let me know and I will hook you up with people,,,Mary

Must be a lovely gathering I love the drums , dance .. celebrating life ppl what a treasure of a time .. would long to go someday ;)

Thanks I Love the Rainbow people,,,they know me and I know them,,Mary

This is pretty awesome Mary!

that is really cool , :)