Some Of My Most Memorable Times Were Spent....

with neighbors in Greensboro, NC, as we sat around a huge bonfire laughing, talking, drinking, and watching football.

My next door neighbor had pulled cable out to the bonfire, and so we watched games as the fire roared and the temperatures dipped.  I'll never forget the night some of the guys started throwing marshmallows and when I got home that morning, I had marshmallow goo and grass stuck all over my shoes.  yuck.

Those were some awesome times with the most awesome neighbors I've EVER had.


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5 Responses Nov 25, 2009

Bonfire Bon Homme..excellent

Si senor. lol

That's one dedicated football fan. I prefer my bonfires sans TV.

I used to be addicted to supporting and watching my favorite teams play, but with the advent of free-agency there is no loyalty from either management or player, nowadays. I feel it has disenfranchised many loyal fans, myself included.

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There are LOTS of very memorable stories from this chapter in my life. And, most all of them are naughty. ; )

;-) I can imagine the other half of the story and sounds delicious too lol cheers

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I'm only tellin' half of the was GRRRRRRRRR88888888888er