There's Something About A Bonfire...

There's something about a bonfire that is very fascinating and primal. I know that many suburbanites and city dwellers have never experienced a bonfire, but here out in the country there are no restrictions on bonfires as there are in densely populated regions, a perk of country living. There is also a seemingly endless supply of fallen trees to fuel the fire. Watching the flames dancing high into the sky is mesmerizing and almost a spiritual experience beneath the vividly starry sky which is also mostly unseen by people in populated areas. Mankind has camped and danced around bonfires for thousands of years, yet few today share that experience. I feel very lucky to have that privilege.  

neonshades neonshades
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2 Responses Mar 12, 2010

yes, I find them invigorating.

Good story, I definitely relate to the primal and spiritual feelings that bonfires evoke, and feel thankful I've had my fair share of them.