Love My Boobs

I love it when a man licks,sucks, fondles,kisses, rubs, plays or does anything with my boobs. Its my favorite!! I often find myself fondling them if I dont have a guy here to do it. 
chelicious chelicious
18-21, F
9 Responses Jun 29, 2010

me too

Babe, i am a true beautiful *** lover, sucker and *** ****** ! ill make you *** and *** from just breast and nipple adoration and stimulation ! growl xo peter

People like me majored in this in college...boobology. I got a job after college as a boobologist. Now, that's pretty much all I with boobs, suck boobs, bite boobs, squeeze boobs. I've been thinking about a second career...boob fashion design where I get to create cloths specifically to show off the boob.

well you should share with all of us, we would love to see why you love your boobs sweetie!!!

if u ever need a set of hands mine r always ready 4 a pair of **** to play with

I'm a touch person. touch your hand, touch your brow, rest my hand on your heart, have you place it where you want --just as a little signal that you want to be touched in all ways I can, to make you never want being touched, caressed to stop. Forehead, lips, cheek, neck, breasts, then lower, then back to your breasts, graze over your nipples, more kisses and touches of your breasts, and finally to your nipples that are crying to be suckled and loved. Ah, so much wish I was there.

Oh you poor thing, having to do it yourself sometimes. All you need to do is me, you will DEFINITELY receive help from the nearest heterosexual guy if it's a request like fondling your boobs or sucking on your nipples. LOL

I would love to play with your boobs and suck them till you squirm

That is the sound of heaven to me. Love to play and just touch a nice pair of boobs.