All Sizes, But For Me Bigger Is Better

I've experienced A,B,C,D,DD, and FF cups and I loved all of them. However, for me I love the bigger the better! I don't know why, or what the real reason is but I just have so much fun sexually and non-sexually playing, looking, dreaming about large breasts! I just love the feeling of them in my hands, mouth, wrapped around my ****. The bigger the better for me, as long as its not too extreme! I don't think I'd want to try much larger than the FF cup that I had (36,30,38 and 130lbs at 5'7") those were HUGE and yet so much fun! Made my **** almost...almost disappear while tittyfucking! Love it! All breasts are amazing, but I love'em large! :)
kenorapilot kenorapilot
26-30, M
Jul 16, 2010