Hot Teen At The Church

Last week at church, I saw this teen girl with the best **** I have ever seen. I know that you're supposed to be focused at church, but with her ****.....oh my.
Had to have been 36-40 DD. I hadn't seen her for a year, when her **** were the size of apples, now they're the size of watermelons. They were so big she had to walk slowly to avoid the bouncing. Just imagine basketballs being bounced, that's what her **** looked like when she walked.
All I could think of was watching her bounce those ******* while she rode me, and fonding them (way more than a handful!).
I love big juciy boobies!!!
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1 Response Sep 19, 2012

Nothing wrong with looking. I'm sure she knows they are eye catchers, as you say she was walking slowly to prevent bounce and drawing more attention. Be nice about it and don't make her feel bad.