Joined Because I Like Having My Breasts Looked At...

Yep, I admit it. While it used to make me uncomfortable, I now like for men to look at my breasts and admire them. I'm willing to share pictures and stories. They are natural, not perfect, but they are mine.
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Oh yes, your natural breasts are perfect and it's so sexy you like them and you like them getting admired. I'd LOVE to play with your delicious breasts and nipples for hours using my eyes for admiring them, my hands for massaging your breasts and twisting and pinching your nipples, pulling them out and releasing again and sure also my mouth to suck on them for extended time and I will slightly bite them from time to time. I'd also LOVE to tittyfuck your delicious breasts as you described in another post and hopefully you will allow me to lick my own *** and clean your delicious breasts after that. I hope you wouldn't mind me worshipping and adoring your breasts so much and venerating you as my breast goddess.

nothing sexier than a woman comfortable with her have great ****

would love an add....till then admiring the profile pic :)

I would luv to swap pics and stories.
Please add me and we can start swapping....

Would love to have a nibble

Please friend me. I'd love to see your pictures.

Would love to see your breasts and comment. Please add me.

SO many women change their minds in the end! Why is that?

I would love to see them.

From your profile picture the look amazing. I love naturally large breasts. I will spend hours playing with my wife's large **** and she loves it when I do.

I'll bet they are close to pefect. Why not add me and let me find out?

"...oh boy does big **** want 2 suck ur Big ****...- friends pls"

I'd love to see them, from your avatar pic they look amazing!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing them with us! I think your breasts are absolutely stunning and I would appreciate it if you made me your friend!

well done for accepting your body, its a challenge we all struggle with at some point :)

Would love the chance to see more. Pleas add me

would you befriend me, so that I might see the photos
you have placed on your page, and that I might admire
more of the photos of those mammarys?

I find myself wanting to see!

Naturals are the best, large or small! I'd love it if you'd share pics !!

Do you like when women look and admire them?

I can honestly say I've never noticed.

Some probably are.

Looks great from here. Beautiful female form.

Great. Let me see the pictures please

You are blessed with what this transgirl would love to have for herself :-)

Would love to see them. To me, natural IS perfect.

wow ouffffffffff im with you dear Thanks please add me like a friend and i will admire you PLease take care and have a nice day Jipi XXX

where in texas are you

I bet they are more perfect then you are letting on...

nice i would love to see them if i may, would you please add me so that i may see them thanks