Here Is Some Pictures Of My Double D's... Enjoy

Sorry... This is just a picture book... no articles to
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Wow!! Love the pics. Amazing pair for sure

Amazing pics. Thank you.

Very lovely by anybody's definition of "lovely" :)

I love your breasts and your pirceings I want to have mine done but I'm not good with pain , and my nipples are extreamly sensitive I don't want to lose the sensitivity.

Love them all

Miss Joey...Only you can *Write* a story with No Words!! Classy woman..

lovely pics ...thanks for sharing with us

my pleasure

Awesome big **** .. wouldnt i love half an hour with them

only half an hour? hahahahahahah

Well more if youd let me haha

how did I know thats what you would

Enjoyed very much, thank you.
My fav is the one with your husband ******* your double D's closely followed by the one with your tongue , very hot !


**** I love cleavage

I got alot of that!! lol

****......I do too.....hahahahaha

And yes you do .....actually so much that I can get lost in

Then check this link out it is a video that JoeysGoddess and I did.....

Got hard in anticipation, but the piercing spoiled it for me.

sorry you don't like my piercings

Piercing friks me out

should have felt it when it those are my only peircings (except my ears).. I am not cover in ink or

Mmm made my mouth water!!


Great pictures. I especially like the lipstick shot.

thats a popular

I LOVE that you shared that last pic! So very nice of them to give him a yummy hug!

Glad you enjoyed them

So very, very nice. love the piecings and that you have fun with them.

Thanks!! I like your profile pic... I have some similar to

Thank you very much, JG. I especially love the picture with the lipstick mark. Priceless.

Thanks!.. they are to take

Like Playboy magazine in reverse. I used to buy it for the articles. This pubic-ation is all about no articles (though I would argue your opinions are more interesting than any other celebrity)!

HAHA Thanks!!

Thanks for making me so hard at work.....wish I was home so we could do something about it!!!!!

Bwah ha ha!!!