Making A Gigantic New Friend!!!

I am a pervert, and I love erotica. I post to EP as an outlet for my constant horniness and to help bring that out in others. Although my posts are lengthy I convey the truest nature of the events as I remember them. Rather than jot it down quickly in a paragraph or two, I prefer to write in compelling text with enough detail that you also can experience what I have. This is the truest sense of erotica.

It had been a pretty uneventfull holiday season (Except for our trip to Colorado Springs) until the weekend before New Year ’s Eve. My friend Amy had a new apartment and was having an “Apartment Warming” party for her new apartment in Denver and invited Chris and I over.

We got there and found it to be much more of a condo rather than just an apartment. I was almost the size of our house.

I knew a lot of Amy’s friends as she lived next door to me a few years ago. There were more than enough people to catch up with, including Amy. I spent the first 15 minutes giving out hugs and introducing Chris as my Fiancée now.

I did notice one unfamiliar but exquisite face, that rested just above the biggest breasts in the room, or that I had seen in months for that matter. Amy introduced her as Jessie, her new roommate! I love boobs and she had the biggest pair I have seen in quite some time.

I was fixated on her boobs, so was Chris. I think she could tell. She wasn’t heavy, but very voluptuous. She had long brown hair and stood about 5’10” tall. She was VERY well rounded with a massive pair of boobs that looked cartoonishly huge on her average torso. They were wider than her body and could be easily seen when she was standing with her back to you!

Amy introduced us, whispering to her “She’s the one I told you about.” Jessie gave me a hug, and they squished right into and around me. I couldn’t tell if they were real or not, but they WERE massive and packed into her dress and bra fairly tightly. Chris gave her a good long hug also, I already knew what he was thinking.

We all sat around talking for an hour or so, we all got tours of their new place. Most of the people had gone by 11:00 or so, leaving Amy, Jessie, Chris and myself. I got up to freshen my drink and Amy followed me into the kitchen. She got real close to me and said, “Can you believe those BOOBS!!!” I busted out laughing. She’s one to talk with her 34E’s.

I told her Jessie seemed nice but wanted the rest of the story. We were good enough friends that I knew she had been with several different women (and men) over the past few years or so. We are both Bi but definitely want a man in our lives. I taught her well. She said they had fooled around a few times, but the good stuff was just starting and that I would be pleasantly surprised. Apparently they work together, and had become good friends and both their leases were up and they both wanted a bigger place, etc. so they decided to room together for a while.

We went back in to the living room and sat down on the couch. Chris and Jessie were talking. I asked what they were talking about and Chris said “Her 40N ****!” Chris had beaten us all to the conversation AND had the balls to ask her the size! Then Amy chimed in, “You should see his 10” ****!” Officially the ice had been broken and the conversations became more and more lurid delving into particular portions of Amy and I’s past as well as our current lifestyle. Jessie had a few of her own stories but didn’t consider herself a swinger or anything, just a complete pervert. My favorite was her admission that her boobs were so big she could sit them on the dinner table in front of her and eat of her plate resting on top of them without too much trouble. Chris said he would really like to see that! (So would I!)

After another few drinks Amy leaned in to me and started rubbing my thigh, then my arm, then she pulled up a little closer and snuggled in next to me on the loveseat. I leaned in to kiss her and she practically jumped into my lap.

We kissed and we leaned forehead to forehead and she told me she had missed me. We hadn’t seen each other in several months. With that I pushed my hand between us and felt one of her fabulous 34E t.i.t.s., her nipples were already hard. She really needs to get them pierced. I pinched and played with them through her top. Her breathing was getting heavier by the minute.

Amy pushed me back on the arm of the loveseat and lifted my top and pushed my bra up over my t.i.t.s. and started eagerly suckling and playing with my piercings. I reached down and pulled her top up and pulled down on the front of her straining bra and let her fabulous 34E boobs fall free toward me. I reached for one with both hands and brought it to my lips and slowly played with it using my lips and tongue until her nipples were rock hard. I began playing with the other and alternating my attention as she ground her p.u.s.s.y. against my thigh through her pants. She started to shudder and her pace became erratic so I knew she was coming. I reached into her pants and massaged her c.l.i.t. and helped her finish.

She sat down and we looked across the room and saw Jessie just taking Chris’s c.o.c.k. out of his pants. I love the look on a girls face when she sees it for the first time. It’s a mix of amazement, pure lust and apprehension. She glanced over at us and noticed we were watching. She seemed to stop and look at me for approval, I told her it was “ok”, I like to share what’s mine. Chris was still soft, but her grasp had him inflating fast. Soft he was 6”! Jessie was focused on it, she was softly stroking it and watching it grow and fatten up until her hand would barely wrap around it. Amy was transfixed as well. She said he looked even bigger than she remembered.

Amy reached over and unbuttoned my pants and slid them down a bit, just enough she could get her thumb in my panties and roll my c.l.i.t. piercing around. Then she went to work on MY t.i.t.s. for a few minutes. My gaze was transfixed on Chris’s c.o.c.k. and the girl trying to get more than a couple of inches into her mouth. She did her best, but she could only fit 2-3 inches of him. Watching them while cradling Amy’s head as she suckled and played with my t.i.t.s. was awesome, and my first o.r.g.a.s.m. of the evening was building. Amy could tell and slid her thumb down and gently split my lips and pushed her thumb into my p.u.s.s.y. and slid down and started licking and sucking on my c.l.i.t. She worked 3 fingers into me before I finally came and just lay there melting into a puddle in her hands.

I looked over and saw Jessie sitting topless as she reached around to unhook her bra. They looked even bigger as she strained with her arms behind her back. They were huge, bigger than volleyballs and being squeezed out the top of her bra. We heard a snap, and her massive t.i.t.s. just fell into her lap! They weren’t sitting on but were literally touched her thighs! She had huge nipples as well, 3-4 inches across with a gumdrop nipple all puckered up already. They sagged a bit of course, but were full and round perfectly tear-dropped shaped as the fullness started several inches down her torso. They had to be implants but she swore they were real!

Chris and I were both staring in amazement. She hefted one up to her mouth and sucked her own nipple for a minute then let it drop sending bouncy waves through both as if she was some sort of perverted set of Newton balls.

She then leaned back over Chris and using both hands, completely enveloped his 10” c.o.c.k. with her soft boobflesh and began jacking him with the ultimate t.i.t.t.y. f.u.c.k. of all time. Chris let out a sigh, I could tell he was loving it. Just watching this girls boobs was hypnotic, completely entrancing simply do to their sheer size.

Usually Chris is pretty hard to pop, but Jessie knew what she was doing and by taking the first 3 inches of him in to her mouth and using both hands to keep the rest rubbing against her supple boobs she had him ready to blow in 10 minutes. I saw Chris’s legs tensing up and what I could see of his c.o.c.k. was about to burst so I knew he was ready to burst.

When he did, she wasn’t quite ready for the volume and it dribbled out of her mouth and all over her t.i.t.s. She leaned back and just jacked his c.o.c.k. with both her hands to finish him off, the last jet or two spraying 4-5 inches straight up like a fountain.

My trance was broke as the loveseat was shaking from Amy’s furious flicking of her own bean. She was cuming fast and was transfixed on Chris and Jessie. I leaned over and put 3 fingers in Amy to help her along and she was writhing in the seat in no time, cuming again…

While Amy was coming down, Jessie went to clean up her boobs. When she came back she was in her bathrobe and sat down on the couch next to Chris. Amy mentioned that Jessie was the only one who hadn’t *** yet, she agreed, and Amy said that she would have to do something about that. She knelt on the floor between Jessie’s legs and had her scoot to the edge of the sofa, then from the look on Jessies face apparently started feasting on her deprived privates. I couldn’t see anything.

I could tell that Amy had a few fingers in her, but until she moved out of the way I couldn’t tell how many. She finally moved and started working her c.l.i.t. with her other hand and I could see she had 3, and was just inserting a fourth. She quickly worked it palm deep with just her thumb left out flicking her c.l.i.t. She looked back at me and winked me over.

I kneeled next to her; Jessie was doing fine and enjoying herself. Amy told me to put a few fingers in alongside hers. I had just met her and was uncharacteristically apprehensive; Jessie said “It’s ok”. I started with one, which went really easy so I added a second and encountered some resistence. I managed a third, and Jessie moaned a bit, then Amy and I started sawing in and out a little. Jessie was moaning louder and had grabbed her thighs and lifted her legs in the air to give us better access. I then pushed a fourth finger in and Amy and I both started pushing, and wiggling, and rocking, and twisting, pushing further in each time. Jessie was loving it, she was wailing, yelling “F.u.c.k. yes!, OOOooh f.u.c.k., that’s it.” She was man handling her own boobs through her robe occasionally taking one out to suck on herself.

Amy and I pulled back a bit, and with one last push both our hands up to our thumb disappeared inside Jessies quivering p.u.s.s.y.! The full breadth of our hands, 8 fingers, running up and down stretching her as far as she ever had been while we played a thumb war over her c.l.i.t. crushing it, then rubbing it in all different directions. “Oh my god, oh my god” was all that Jessie would say, she was cuming constantly. I could feel her p.u.s.s.y. contracting and relaxing with each delicious spasm!

Amy told me to pull my hand out, right after I did, she tucked her thumb and slid her whole hand into Jessie pushing until she was waaaaayyyy past the wrist. Jessie stopped breathing and her eyes rolled back in her head. She reached down and grabbed Amy’s arm with both hands and started f.u.c.k.i.n.g. herself with Amy’s arm! She collapsed back and her legs fell to the floor and Amy went to work on her p.u.s.s.y.! She was twisting and rotating, thrusting in and out as she licked and sucked Jessies c.l.i.t.! She was thrashing about, causing her ample chest to shift and sway to and fro inside her robe. Her distended nipples were clearly visible even through her robe!

Chris opened her robe and rolled one of her watermelon size t.i.t.s. out to her side and hefted it to his lips to suckle. I moved around Amy and did the same to her left t.i.t. eliciting a fabulous response from Jessie. She was cuming again hard, but was guiding her massive teats to us with both her hands. Cooing, "oh, oh, oh" as we stroked, and massaged, and suckled her massive t.i.t.s. obviously adding to her experience as she was gushing down Amy’s arm.

They were definately real!!! I couldn't believe it! They would flow and flatten and were completely soft and supple. I could never lift one with just one hand, it would have squished away. They had to weight 15 lbs. each!

Amy had switched hands and was now inserting her right hand, then her left hand, then her right hand, alternating each time and picking up speed, building to a blinding pace as Jessies wails became louder and more intense. Building to a massive o.r.g.a.s.m. that we were more than happy to give her.

Suddenly Jessie seized again as Amy worked another huge o.r.g.a.s.m. out of her over stuffed p.u.s.s.y. I'm sure our attention on her boobs didn't hurt either. She told us to suck harder, and then to bite, then to pull and smack her t.i.t.s. around, we did everything she asked, taking her to new heights each time.

Jessie seemed to peak again and again and again, cuming 3-4 times in a row reducing her moans to mere wimpers as we wrang the last bit of pleasure from her glorious body...

After a few more minutes we were all coming down and Amy withdrew her arm from Jessie. She was soaked to her elbow! Jessie was shaking and seemed woozy and was out of sorts from the abuse but later said she loved it. She said she had been fisted before but having 3 people attending every erogenous zone was something else entirely. Luckily she had a robe or she would have soaked the couch.

We all sat around for a few minutes basking in the glow. We all agreed we had to do this again SOON! I think this is the beginning of something special.

We all got cleaned up and Chris and I headed home. We didn’t stop talking about our new “friend” until after we got home where I got the business end of Chris’s monster c.o.c.k. again before we went to bed! That’s still the best!!!
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