While Swimming

When I was back at school me and several other people were having fun in the school swimming pool. We were playing this kind of game where people were in pairs, one was on the other’s shoulders and the idea was to try and push/pull the other people off their partner’s shoulders; I was on a girl, called Suzie's shoulder (she was wearing a very revealing bikini and had very big breasts). When I was pulling someone off as he fell down I fell forward and my hands fell on to Suzie's breasts and also nearly pushed her bikini off. Although my hands weren't on her breasts for long when I landed on them and pushed myself back up I ended up squeezed them a bit/briefly; I don't think anyone actually noticed the whole thing happening though. Even though at the time I wasn't thinking about what I gone and done, afterwards I'd always wished I'd gone and stayed on her breasts for longer. Also since then I've wanted to caress and suck her breasts a lot more; though unfortunately that never came to be.
BreastLover2 BreastLover2
26-30, M
Jan 18, 2013