I love my boobs. I sometimes find myself absentmindely fondling them. This is hilarious to my company (and myself as well). I just like the way they feel, the way they are not quite symmetrical. The way they look, the way the fit in my hands. They are pretty awesome. Unfortunately, my boyfriend is an a** man

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A travesty your bf is not a breast man. Breasts deserve to be massaged and sucked daily! ;)

mmm i love boobs. they are great for pillows..i love resting my face on boobs

I am a boob man and would love to play with them!

Hmm...boobs are great for playing with! Who wouldn't like playing with them or watching others play with them. What turns me me on (incredibly) is to know that a woman is comfortable with her pair enough to play with them in front of company. Geez! I wish I had friends like that!

I'm an *** man too, but there's not a man alive (straight, anyway) who doesn't love a great set o' big ol' mouth-watering BOOBS. absolutely hypnotizing!

If this is the case...umm....would your BF mind terribly if I stopped by occasionally to play with your boobs? You know...just trying to help a gal out...not trying to cop a cheap feel for myself or anything. Let's call it a "free community service." LOLOLOLOL!

I am definitely a boob man, I like a nice arse, but BOOBS make my world go round!

i like it all babe. let me play with those boobs and suck on those nipples. would love to see a pic of your nipples.

Your b'friends an arseman?<br />
Well hell,..I'd take care of your front if you like!..

Allthough I don't think that your story is true I would like to say that it is great when you love your boobs. It is the beginning of perfect sex. My girlfriend has F's but she don't likes them but I do!!!<br />
It is a pitty because she doesn't have the fun she could have.

Im definatly a boob man too , so let him admire ur a++ and ill take the boobs any day lol