So Excited That One Of My Books Has Received An Award!

First, I was extremely pleased that Coffee Time Romance found time to review my book, Six Angels - Book 5 of the Dandelions Series. They review "all the big guys" but will also review independent authors if requested and if they have time. Second, I was so happy when they came back with a "5-cup" review (5 -star but in keeping with their coffee theme... you get it.) And then.... surprise, surprise.... I opened my email a few days ago and found that my book had been awarded the CTRR award, an award chosen by reviewers when they believe the book is so good that the 5-cup rating is not enough. I was giddy with excitement and extremely grateful for the distinguished nod of approval. Six Angels is a rollercoaster ride.. sexy;, suspenseful and action-packed.

Here's the book trailer for Six Angels. Enjoy.

McCartneyGreen McCartneyGreen
51-55, F
Jul 9, 2010