I Love Books But Not When I'm Gonna Move

I love having a lot of books and I really love reading them. But now when I know that I'm going to move soon I really hate all of my books. Try to figure out which books you can live without and which you can't, then you know my problem. I right now have a lot of books into 2 big moving boxes (and ofcourse a lot of dvds and ps2 games) and I can swear that I'm going to hate them when it's time for me to move. Because they're not easy to lift, I got a bad back and yeah we're two persons that's going to have one bookshelf together.

So right now I'm in a small I hate book phase because it's hard figure out what I can't live without. If I just could be the one in charge we would have a whole library in one of the rooms. But we can't.

Bufflan Bufflan
22-25, F
3 Responses Jul 17, 2010

I understand you, but it's good she came and take care of some of your books :)

I hope you never have to move Fara, because I know you got a lot of books.

Kirosha that sounds really heavy and bad. I mean you must have a lot of books which must weigh a lot.