What Is The Funniest Book You've Ever Read?

I'm looking for book recommendations. What is the funniest book you've ever read. I need a good laugh.
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9 Responses Jul 19, 2010

If you haven't read: Kiss My Tiara: How to Rule the World as a Smartmouth Goddess by Susan Jane Gilman, you absolutely MUST! It's my new bible - laugh out loud hilarious.

Kittens, rainbows and butterflies are my real life. I'd like a little dark humor to escape to...thanks!

I've got to go with Apathy and Other Small Victories, by Paul Neilan. I picked it up at a Borders before hopping on a plane and it had me laughing out loud like no other book has. I've reread it twice since. It's a little dark and mean spirited from time to time but humor can't be all kittens and rainbows.

Good omens by neil gaiman...anything david sedaris...i just finished sarah silvermans biography recently that was funny...anything by mary roach...uuummm ill think of more lol

In any survey...Christmas story ranks as one of my all time favorite movies...Never thought to read him as a writer. thanks....

In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash by Jean Shepard. <br />
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His work includes the movie Christmas Story....

I have Sh*t MY Dad Says on FACEBOOK! and I see everyone of my friends fathers when I read it! There will be a series this fall with William Shatner. Thanks Jo!. & Read Fear & Loathing years and years ago. Tanks Lostkeys. <br />
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Keep'em comin folks.....the fluff I'm reading will only last a day...I'm desparate here!

I just finished reading Sh*t My Dad Says by Justin Halpern. He is also on twitter and he is hilarious!

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson.