Once Apon A Time

i read this book on about how older men like younger girls i found it boring until i started dating one and i can't get one sentence out of my head "they only date you to get what they want then they leave." well mine got wated he wanted then left. i leaned my lesson but some experances are worth trying i hate that i like old er men but its who I am why can't people exept that as who i am and that i love me for me and why should i change to fit in to a world were only some belong and others our out cased.
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interesting way of putting it.

You don't need to change. There's nothing wrong with you. No matter how old they are, some men will treat you right and some men won't.<br />
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You ever see pebbles on the beach? All round and shiny, looking like they are supposed to be there. They didn't start that way! Relationships are like jagged rocks on a beach. All these pebbles get swept up and crashed against each other, the good, solid ones get chipped down to interesting rocks, everything else just gets swept away as sand. And sand aint nothing but wet dust.<br />
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Right now you're shucking dust so you can find something hard to bang against.