Sickning (very Distubing)

okay i had this horriable disturbing dream and i have no idea why    it makes me sick just thinkng about and i need to know if it means anything so can someone plz help me interpret it

the dream starts in this big white house and my mom is talking to a bunch of her friends and im looking at the window and i see a man that is very creepy and for some reason i look at him with anger.   then my dream skips to what i think of as the past im hanging out with my frined (note:this freind i have never met before) and it turns out that the creppy man is his dad.  it turns out his dad is really crazy and killed my friends mom and does all sorts of really sick things
he had my frinds moms body keep up in a closet and he sometimes took her out played this creepy upbeat kid songs and danced and had sex with her
he abused me and my freind and my dream ended

thiis is very strange and i really need help
confusedNinja confusedNinja
18-21, M
Jul 23, 2010