I love browsing in bookstores, like rows of book spines lined up in neat and colorful rows. I look at them and take in the whole picture loving the atmosphere and enjoying the view. Then I get closer and start browsing, reading the spines and touching books one by one as I go through the bookshelf. Come across an interesting title, take it from the shelf, study the cover, then I run through pages just liking how it feels, read the short description, go through table of contents, read couple of pages... The whole process is like a ritual to me. 

I used to read a lot when I was small. In school my literature teacher did everything for me to loose interest in books (she was a horrible teacher) and the reading lists were filled with mostly boring and stupid books, and at some point I started thinking that all books that adults read are dead boring and so not worth my time. Fortunately that lasted only during school, and I discovered the wonderful world of books soon after I finished school. 

I can't leave a book store without buying any books at all. When I need to go to a book store I leave the credit card at home and try to limit myself on how much time I spend there, because otherwise I could end up spending the whole day and hundreds of dollars in one go.

This New Year I spent in London and I treated myself to a book shopping spree with no limit on how much I spend (the limit's the amount of money on my debit card). I had a blast! Bought lots of books, that filled half of my suitcase, I had 16kg of overweight... And I was the happiest person in the world smiling ear to ear :D 

But, since then I've been to the book store only once. Why? Because I still have many books from my NY shopping that I haven't read yet so I told myself no more bookstores until I read most of what I already have on my book shelves.
I read mostly in English (English is not my native tongue) and there's not much of a choice at all in my city. I'm planning to go to London again for this New Year's and I've already started a list of books I want to buy. Its only August and I already have around 30 books on the list...

I'm thinking of buying a kindle, but what stops me is the fact that I will be holding a soulless plastic device with buttons in my hands instead of a nice book with pages I'd be turning while reading... But the thought of thousands of books in just one little device is so tempting, taking into consideration I don't have spare bookshelves anymore...
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While I do agree that Amazon is very convenient, I still like to hold the book in my hands before I buy it :D Unless I need business literature, which I either download on order online.

Amazon. Book shops are good, Amazon is better.

I know what you mean imabear :) I get the same looks from friends :))

Every time I say to my mom or hubby "I'll just be a minute" when going into a bookstore, they just roll their eyes. They know it's impossible.