Young And I Love Reading

i dont know about everyone else but books are an amazing escape for me. its truly satisfying just getting lost in the story and realising hours later that its two in the morning and u mean to put it down ages ago lol always telling yourself ok as soon as i finish this chapter and finshing the book. and i love getting to know the characters, like when a character dies or something u truly feel the grief that they arent in the story anymore bc uve grown to like them, unless they are like the antagonist of a horror book or something lol then u can breathe. i happen to read very fast, i can finish a novel cover to cover in usually a few hours which has helped me alot in school, as u can imagine. im young and it excites me thinking of all the wonderful stories i havent read yet and im constantly looking for new material. ive recently read bitten, the luxe novels except splendor, and glass houses in the last week and have just recieved more. my best friend tells me i might as well return the books i buy and get my money back since i read them so fast but i have a little dream of having sort of a little library one day or at least an impressive collection so i keep them all. but for those of u that dont always keep ur books theres a wonderful website called swaptree i suggest u try it. i encourage everyone to keep reading and writing about what they read bc it really is the best hobby eversmiley
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18-21, F
Jul 30, 2010