Sharing The Love Of Books...

My grandson needed a project to earn his Eagle Scout rank, so he and I brainstormed and thought of a project relating to reading and books. We decided to approach one of the schools in the poorest area of the city with the idea to collect about 500 used or new books to distribute to the children so each would get at least 3 books to keep and read over the summer vacation. The principal at the school was delighted with the idea and so was the Boy Scout Council. With a little publicity from the local newspaper and one of the TV stations, he had collection sites throughout the city. I a period of about 6 weeks the books came flooding in. He, other scouts and adults helped clean and repair books that needed mending so they looked as good as new as could be. As the distribution day neared the books were separated into reading levels because the children were to come in and select their books in three groups. The books inundated our house. There were stacks all over. When the distribution day arrived,  he had collected over 1500 books to give away. The children were totally delighted with their books and my grandson earned his Eagle Scout rank.
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Aug 1, 2010