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I really love books and like to read new books ,but there is something that annoys me .After reading a part of book I begin to get boring ,then I stop reading and I don't read the whole book .I need an  advice !
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Yes that is true , but we have to find solution . You said that you sometimes back to reread when you are most receptive , that does happen to me . Sometimes when I reread something ,with which I've spent a lot of time , and find something new I talk to myself "WOW Where was I when I first read this ? " <br />
I said that happened to me and I like to find a solution .<br />
Note that mostly happen when I read the books of college .

i just read your experience and i know how you feel i get like that some time how about try something you dont think you would like or something scary i dont think you would get bored there <br />
when i get bored i stoped and moved on to something else then went back to it

Thanks I'll try to do what you said .

Books are like symphonies; you won't be able to appreciate the resounding parts if that's all there are. The writer (or composer) needs to put in the duller sections to make the interesting parts stand out. May I interest you in the Great Star Map, written by H H Turner in 1912?

Take a break. Go do something else, or read something else that catches your interest. You can always go back to the book later.<br />
<br />
Many readers will have 2 or 3 books on the go at the one time precisely for this reason.<br />
<br />
EDIT - If it is a book you need to read for studies - break it up into chunks e.g. read 10 pages per day, or 1 chapter per day

Every thing . I prefer reading scientific books , especially what is related to astronomy , to other kinds of books .<br />
But I also read other sorts .

you need to find book that realy get your interest.. what sort of books do you read?