This Is So True

My favorite place to spend a day is at Barnes and Noble. I know most people today would rather wait for a book to be made into a movie, most people today crave that instant gratification, but not me i would prefer to put myself in the story and use my own imagination rather than the director of a movies imagination.

I was trying to figure out why i prefer books to books on tape or downloadable books on the computer and i was watching an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and one of the characters named Giles said it best for me, he said "I like the smell" and i wholeheartedly agree i like the smell of a bookstore, the book smell mixed with the coffee it just makes me feel comfortable.
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the only books i thought they did a really good job of making a movie from was The Lord of the Rings. Yes they made a few changes but they were still great movies.<br />
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I went to a Barnes and Noble store yesterday with no intention of buying anything i just walked around browsing and taking in the atmosphere