How I Got Crazy About Books

I used to really hate reading i fort it was boring but one day i just started reading and couldn't stop so now i love books and i actually have a library in my room he he the type of books i like is vampire books and  other things like werewolves witches the whole lot also if the story has romance in it lol

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2 Responses Aug 3, 2010

thanks will try them

I just finished the New Moon series. It was actually pretty good. It does draw a younger crowd then I am in but I still thought they were well written. Have you read any Ann Rice novels? I really like her books. Her newest ones are a little off but the older ones are really great! She has a trilogy of witch novels that are really well done. If you haven't read them yet I want to warn you the first one is really long and leaves you hanging so bad. You don't find out till the last book how it really ends. It is hard to work and have a life when reading that trilogy. I want to read all her vampire books but I haven't gotten that far yet...