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I found my love of reading at age 14. In High School i was the one stuck with her nose in a book. I started collecting books after that. At age 25 I had about 2 500 books and unfortunately had to give them away.  Books are friends to me, they are there when i am lonely, to comfort me and make me laugh.  Over the years i have discovered several writers and still read those authors.  I have also discovered new authors,  at the moment i am into supernatural stories.  Currently reading Karen Chance at the moment.  Can anybody recommend supernatural books or new authors?? Would love to hear from you..
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have you read her grave sight series (Charlene harris)?? i read Praticia Briggs as well (she has currently two series which is interlinked) Mary Janice Davidson - she has one vampire series and one werewolf series. i read the vampire one and wet myself, i was laughing so hard!!! Justina Robson writes futurist sci-fi which i got into as well. Just finished a Stephen King Novel the other night, i was awake until three the next morning. first time i read him. If you want a tear jekker try torey hayden, she is working with difficult children and try to help them. she is really worth the read.<br />
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Actually, this week I finished three books. The latest Charlene Harris "Sookie" book. The latest Katie McAlister Dragon book, and to "keep it real" I finished Jen Lancaster's book: Bright Lights,Big ***. LOL. It's a series on her life of going from ex-sorority, high class VP down to an unemployed, humbled, fat chick aspiring to be an author. Funny, inspiring, and great reality check for us. :)

thank you!! will look those up. what are you currently reading??

PC Cast--- Series on teen vamps.<br />
Richelle Mead-- Vampire University series--- older teens + vamp series with a twist on the focus of their "guardians".<br />
SHerrily Kenyon--- books on demons, demi-gods, and gods and goddesses. Esp. recommend Acheron!<br />
Laurell K. Hamilton. Has two series. One on vamps and lycanthropes. And one on faries. Pretty graphic and racey which is a plus if you're into that! lol<br />
Katie MacAlister... Does a few books on vamps. But she's most known for her series on Dragons! Yes, the fire breathing kind... that leave ya hot, bothered, and longing for more! ;)<br />
Hope this list helps.