My Life Suxxx!!!!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! first of all just to get somthing straight... i hav a mild case of the chicken pox.... now i will tell u why i hate it.... okay on tuesday i found some mysteryous lil bumps... a rash... and i looked it up ont the internet and fond out i had the friken chicken pox!!! well that day my best friend ashley asked me if i could go 2 six flags with her and a few other friends, of COURSE i just had to have the chicken pox!!!! urghhhhh!!!!! also just yesterday my mom said thet she was going to the state fair WITHOUT ME!!!!!!!!! urghhhhhhhh i hate the chicken pox... they ruined my life!!!!

moonflower18 moonflower18
13-15, F
Aug 6, 2010