I Recently Learned I Actually Do Love To Read

I used to get yelled at for not reading enough and  people would pick at me because it woiuld take me a month to read maybe 5 pages.Thats not the case anymore I started out reading a child called it.Once I started that book a whole new set of complaints started one being man we know we said read but you got to have a life to  and gosh every time I see you  that book is with you. Within the time it used to take me to read 5 pages I finished 8 books.I dont understand it much but I started reading the bible.Even though I dont understand alot of it if I start the day off reading it and end the day reading it I feel alot beter.
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2 Responses Aug 6, 2010

That is probably right because everything I read now noone has made me but some have suggested books so then usually I check them out.

probably has something to do with not being forced to read things you have no interest in