I Love The Beach!

In case you didn't already know...I LOVE THE BEACH! Every year, my damily and I all go to Ocean City for vacation. My mom is VERY funny. She enjoys calling people crazy. We both were on our way to some All-you-can-Eat place and she saw this man on the side of the street. He seemed like he had a mental problem and walked with a cane. His shirt was way to small(he had a beer belly) for him and was just plane wierd. She looked at him and said,"He's a crazy." Isn't that mean? After eating out, we went to the board walk. We shopped a while and(obviously) walked around. Everything was going just fine untill we saw him AGAIN! The crazy at the All-you-can-Eat! We both just about exploded in laughter when I pointed him out. That is the reason why I love the beach.
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I didn't actually mean to put it into the Book section.

it's a nice story, but how is it related to 'I love Books'? which is the group you posted in there are groups for loving the beach as well :)

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