For Those Who Love Both Books And Irreverent British Silliness, I Give You....



Season 1, episode 1, part 1:

Season 1, episode 1, part 2:

Season 1, episode 1, part 3:

There are 3 seasons, I think 6 episodes each. One of the funniest shows ever, as far as I'm concerned. Enjoy!

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Haven't seen that. I'll look for it. He's hilarious, they all are.

I love this show so much. Have you seen Dylan's book rejection letter? It is comic brilliance.

I love this show - Dylan Moran (Bernard) together with Bill Bailey (Mannie) is so funny. Tamsin Greig (Fran) also.

This is FANTASTIC! Thank you SO MUCH for posting it!!!!!

This is an amazing great show, I couldnt stop laughing when I first watched it :)

@Bellatria - your 'sex in a grass hut on a beach in Tahiti' comment reminds me of another of my favorite shows, and a fave episode therein: The Mighty Boosh. I think it was the last ep. of season 2.... Where the guys are marooned on an island and have love affairs, etc. with coconuts... Possibly the most surreal of all TV shows of all time, that one.<br />
<br />
@Softkitti - you're welcome! Glad you like :)

wow .. thanks for posting this .. I will have to download these and watch all of them .. they seem hilarious