Do Not Enjoy Reading Self Help Books

I do not really enjoy reading self help books, find they tend to preach too much.

A good fiction is any day a good read, one doesnt find good books with humuor that often, something like Gerald Durell or Roald Dahl wrote...

Still havent gotten to appreciate ebooks, prefer the paper version , one can easily take to bed and relax and read.

Find internet browsinghampers reading habit in a big way
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3 Responses Sep 2, 2010

I too read purely for my own enjoyment. Reading is a wonderful escape for me. I like paperbacks as well. Historical romance, mystery, and various types of suspense are my favorite. I've also gotten into paranormal romance in the last few years...I thinks it's all the freaky sex scenes. Anyway, good for you fellow reader.:)

am reading "the girl with the dragon tattoo" and found the book surprisingly engaging, and very well written,.....

always enjoyed reading John Grisham, Tom Clancey, among the current authors

:) Nice to find someone who sares the same view. I also prefer to read paperbacks rather then HArd bound editions , apart from being cheaper they are easier to handle , the font size at times becomes an issue though.<br />
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I findmyself reading more magazines and such than books lately purly because I am not able to find time at long stretches to complete a section

I totally agree with your view of self help books and I've never read one. I too prefer the smell and feel of a well worn book as opposed to the electronic readers. I don't think I will buy one but I know they are becoming quite popular.