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Books. Books. Books.

I love a good book. Genre doesn't matter. If a friend recommends it i'll give it a go. If the back cover sounds good or the front cover looks good i'll open and read a bit. If i've read more from the same author I'll buy another. I love to read. It relaxes me and lets me escape like nothing else can. My mind portrays what i'm reading so i can better visualize it. Among my favorites: Harry Potter. The Inheritance Trilogy. Catcher in the Rye. The Hobbit. Running with Scissors. Communist Manifesto. Malcolm X Autobiography. and i recently read the book Please Stop Laughing at Me... if you were ever a bully. bullied. know someone it has affected. its close to your heart. or if you've ever felt like the underdog. you should give it a try. if anyone is interested in maybe swapping books let me know i'd be happy to share this book.
lifesagamble lifesagamble 22-25, F 3 Responses Sep 7, 2010

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I like browsing at Borders as well. <br />
For rare , hard to find, out of print books I go on-line if I have no luck finding them in book stores around town.

I could spend hours in Barnes & Noble or Borders. There is also a local used book store that i enjoy because of their prices a dollar for hardcover and fifty cents for paperback. great place to pick up classics such as Catcher in the Rye. they also give you credit if you bring them books. rainy fall days are by far my favorite time to read.

I'm a keen reader, like to browse book stores and also buy on line .<br />
Like to read on a Winter's night with my pet cat stretched out asleep on my legs.<br />
One of my favorites is Catcher in the Rye.<br />
Buy far more books than I can find time to read.