Insensitive Husband

My husband travels a lot. And when he travels, he never has alone time for me.
For example, I texted him this morning to see if he was up. He responds that he is, but getting in the shower and will call me in a few. An hour later I have still not gotten a call from him. He finally calls, but not untll he is in a public place getting a ride to airport with other people he works with. There is nothing intimate between us that he feels can't be shared with others. It is irritating. If there is nothing intimate between us that he cares to protect when traveling, why would there be anything intimate between us when he is home and not traveling. I'm sick of not being something that is private and treasured. I'm sick of constantly being blown off.
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4 Responses Oct 13, 2010

Yes, I had this problem with an ex boyfriend. It takes just as long to text "love you miss you" as it does to say you are getting in the shower etc. Now I can understand being too busy and focused on tasks to talk on the phone, but the texts should be frequent and affectionate.

Have you told him how you feel? Try to get him the message through humor or casual conversation. If it is this important to you, he needs to know.

yep this z bad i mean this feeling!! how cd he be that way? didnt u ask urself? cuz may be ur overwhelming him with so much attention that he feels suffocated!!! who knows! cuz some men hate that!!! but then! tell me! u told me he travels a lot! cant he take u with him? just for a change!try to talk together! try to figure out sensibly whats going wrong with ur relation!! talking with each other z th best solution belive me!

i can totally relate to that feeling. no one likes to get blown off. i divorced my ex because of that very thing. if you are going to be lonely in a marriage who needs it.