Too Many Books To Read! Obsessed!

I have so many books I'm reading at the same time right now. It's crazy. Then I look at my book shelf and see all the books I've yet to read but I keep buying more and going to the library! Craziness for real...
KkrazyBeautiful KkrazyBeautiful 22-25, F 1 Response Jan 14, 2011

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Reading books most time becomes living in fantasy. Its same as watching TV for entertainment. Its keeps you away from your daily life challenges. Now if you are studying then that's different. I was like eatin and sleeping with paper. I had huge hunger for reading no matter what it was about. News, history, biography, novels, fiction, science, sex etc. Few year back I sat down and thought about reading only that it matters to me. I got calm and focus and now I get my time free. I do buy books and dreams of having one room to be full of books.