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My Bookcase.

A couple of years ago I completely redecorated and re furnished my living room, spending a small fortune on a real Oak floor.
At this time I cleared out a lot of 'stuff'' that was cluttering the place up or was never used. I got rid of a huge number of old reference books that had been my fathers, I also gave away dozens of old novels that I was never likely to read again.
I planned the new room to be much more minimalist.
When it came to new furniture I bought a new solid Oak Book case Plenty big enough for the one hundred or so books that I was going to keep.
Two years on and my bookcase is crammed, there are books on top of books and books in front of books and more books arriving every month.
I am now faced with a difficult decision, do I give away more books that I don't think I will read again or buy another bookcase, a. If I can afford one b. if I can find one to match. Or c. buy a new bookcase that doesn't match and spoil the new uncluttered appearance of my living room?   
AlmostAristotle AlmostAristotle 61-65, M 24 Responses Mar 17, 2011

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I'm in the midst of packing for a move and out of 100+ books I only managed to cull 5. I am a total book hoarder lol

I doubt if I could do any better.

OOoooh that is tricky, books are the warmest of furnishings but I understand your physical limitations. and your need for open space to move about in your chair. I guess you will have to weed out, I like the idea of donating the books that aren't absolute musts for your space. Blessings and Care

I am not a clutter bug by nature but I do hang onto my books. if I'm certain I wont read it again I do donate it to our local library.......I'd buy another bookcase!! :D But slugbugged idea is good too!!

Or switch to some of those E-books perhaps? You can get tons for little and there all saved online. Might help to clear some of that clutter. Keep the good ones though. And there is no hurry, other than the thought of them all cluttered up there.

So sweet bf.

Tsk..Tsk...That is hard..I cannot decide for you. Maybe when I won from a lottery, I will give you a new house big enough to accommodate all your books.

Ha HA Baldrick a cunning plan!

No not a librarian :) I've just done the "bookcase bursting at the seams" scenario too often. It still threatens to get out of control, but at least I have my cunning plan to fall back on :)

Are you a librarian? you sound terribly well organised. I like a little clutter as long as it's confined to the book case. I'll take your ideas into consideration with all the others. Thank you for commenting.

Maybe you just need to organise yourself a bit more. Maybe take a weekend and go right back to minimalist basics. Clear all the books from the shelves. Give yourself an empty bookcase to play with. Plan out how you want to use the space. <br />
<br />
Then pick out your favourite books that you love and know you will read again/access the most. Display these books in the most accessible shelves. How much space do you have left? Use lesser accessible shelves to store books you'd ideally like to keep around but are not that important. If you spill over, you have to make a decision - donate some books or commit to buying another bookcase or trunk.<br />
<br />
For new books decide on a plan - keep a separate space to keep new/unread books. How many new books do you have enough space for? When it is full you know you have to do some reading before buying new books. Is this new book you are reading a keeper to add to the bookcase, or one that you will just read and pass along. Put all your "to donate" books in one area too.

Thanks for the suggestion. I've given a load of books away before may just do it agan.

Get rid of your old books! There is somebody out there waiting for your books to read that will change their life. Purge! You only make room for more flow into your life.

Love the trunk idea .. trunks always look good to me

That's an electronic reader right ? If so yes my hands are fine, and I must admit i'm tempted but I do love the books.

I gave so many books. Im the same. I need my own Library really. I hate parting with books. I love the feel of them in my hands when I read them. Electronic readers are just not the same. <br />
I had to purchase another bookcase that didn't match.<br />
I really must build that library.

Cheers Jimmy my man, very sound advice as usual.

I'd buy a trunk. Big wooden one. See to it that it matches the living room furnoture, or varnish it with oak-coloured varnish when the trunk is made out of bleak wood.<br />
Buy some separate wheels for under the trunk so that you can move it around of needed.<br />
Stuff some of the books you've read inside the trunk. <br />
I know, it's only temporary, but it could help a tad.<br />
Maybe you can also check what can be done with the space under your bed. Roll-out drawers could hold books as well that would go under the bed...<br />
Just a few thoughts ;)

Thank you all for your comments, they're much appreciated.Just an extra note, I live in a small one bedroom flat my living room is 15' x 11' so not too much rom to spare. For Orange Tas. I am a paraplegic, I have a 6' tall bookcase, I can't reach the top shelf. The size of my room prohibits me fron having several lower bookcases, I can't have clutter because you can't step over things in a wheelchair. I love my books but I have to live my life within certain limitations tidyness being essential. An ill matched bookcase in a very tidy room would stick out like a sore thumb, and I do have some asthetic taste.

lol <br />
<br />
Sounds like we are all bookies on here <br />
<br />
That's one reason why its so much better than facebook, etc

Sounds like a normal state of affairs to me.<br />
Too many books, too little space and only the heart ache of passing these old friends on to a new home

I LOVE my books. AND I HATE clutter. so I do understand the problem you face.<br />
<br />
I would look for a book case that matches.. rule of thumb keep in the same wood finish, it dosen't have to match perfectly or be a duplicate of your current bookshelf to "match"<br />
and if you have books that you know you are not ever going to read again or reference then consider donating them or giveing them to someone who would enjoy them.<br />
<br />
good luck to you.<br />

Speaking as someone with book cases everywhere and an attic and garage and shed chock full of books I am not the best person to answer. But I think If you are someone who even thinks about how a bookcase might not match in a room then books are not your no 1 passion and I feel sure you can get rid of lots of them without any lasting distress.

You sound like me! I adore my books! Now that I have my little Cassandra we both have so many books I am pretty sure we will fall through the floor of our third story apartment from the weight of them. :)

Lol, I know exactly what you mean! I have so many books I need to build a new room onto the house. I love them all and hate getting rid of any.