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So Far This Year

 This years books.   

 In my story doing my own thing I mentioned that I could see nine novels
 that I had read this year on my bookcase.
 That wasn't totally accurate as one of them was a memoir.

 However I thought i'd write a list of those books, it may give some of
 you an idea for what to read next, or soon, or sometime in the future,
 or one day when you're desperate!

 Anyhow here's the list

 1. The red velvet turnshoe. Cassandra Clark. A medieval sleuth murder
 mystery set in the time of the boy king Richard II

 2. The law of angels. Cassandra Clark. Another in the  series above.

 3. Wolff of the plains.  Con Igulden. A story of the young Temujin.
 Abandoned with his mother and siblings by his tribe. It tells how he
 survived, and went on to unite the Mongol tribes into one nation and,
 become the great Genghis Khan.
 It's based on the 'Secret History' the official Mongol history of
 Genghis Khan.

 4. Hereward.  James Wilde. The story of an English freedom fighter, and his revolt
 against the brutal new Norman masters, of William the bastard.

 5. Shatter.  Michael Robotham.  A psychological murder mystery. Set in modern times

 6. A Girl in Paris.  Shusha Guppy. Non fiction.  A Persian woman's
 memoirs of her time living and studying in Paris's left bank in the

 7. The spy who came in from the cold.  John le Carre. A classic spy

 8. Prince.  Rory Clements. A spy thriller, set in the time of Elizabeth I.
 9. Rogue Male.  Geoffrey Household. A fascinating spy thriller set
 in the cold war era.

My reading really slowed down after reading these nine novels, as I became engrossed in the Olympic games and then the Paralympics, I still havn't picked up to my normal rate of readng. I have only finished two novels since reading the nine above.
Here they are.

10. Jack Maggs.  Peter Carey. The story of a young boy raised by foster parents to be a thief in Victorian London. He is caught and transported to Australia where he makes a large fortune. He then smuggles his way back in to England. But for what purpose?

11. Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy.  John le Carre. For me a disappointing spy story by Le Carre. It may be that I read it so slowly that I never really got into it.

 12. Dissolution.   C.J.Sansom.  As the title suggests this is astory set around the time of the dissolution of the monastries.
       Mathew Shardlake, a lawyer is sent by Thomas Cromwell to investigate a murder at Scarnsea Monastry. What follows is an intriguing, thrilling story. 

 13. Dark Fire.       C.J.Sansom.   Another Mathew Shardlake murder mystery.  Centring around a search for the ancient weapon of war, Greek Fire.

 14. Sovereign.     C.j.Sansom.   The third in the Mathew Shardlake series, set at the time of HenryVlll spectacular progress to York.

 15. Revelation.    C.J.Sansom.   A serial killer is on the loose in Tudor London, Mathew Shardlake is set the task of catching him by Archbishop Cranmer.

These last four books have all been excellent, Sansom seems to become more at home writing about his hero Shardlake with each novel. All the stories are
well crafted, deeply researched and, reflect the fear and uncertainty of living in Henryvlll's England. 

I have now ordered 4 new books:-

 Unbelievable.   Jessica Ennis.  From childhood dreams to an Olympic gold medal.

 The Suspect.    Micheal Robothom.

 Lord of the Bows.   Con Igulden.

 Traitor    Rory Clements

If you are interested in what I'm reading or in idea's for new books to read, keep an eye on this page. I will continue to update it until the end of the year. Then I will start a new list for the new year.

Enjoy your reading folks Ari. 


I am about to start,  'Dissolution'  C. J. Sansom. The first in a series of books set in the time of Henry viii. If you don't see too much of me, you'll know that it's a good book, and possibly a good series.
If I finish the four books that I have in this series by Christmas, I will have read 15 novels this year. Which is well within my average of 12/18 novels each year.

AlmostAristotle AlmostAristotle 61-65, M 9 Responses May 3, 2012

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I hope you enjoy every last word Ari! hugs and hugs... ♥

I love a good spy thriller/mystery too, Ari. Great list!

Thanks for sharing your reading list Ari, that's a wonderful idea. :-)

if you like reading so much, you should check out this awesome website!<br />

There's a couple books that look interesting to me. Wolf of the plains & The spy who came in from the cold. I have heard of both these books and would like to read them.

Gosh, if we lived together Ari it would be very easy to see whose books are whose. I am currently reading The boy who was raised as a dog and a Reiki manual.<br />
<br />
I am not a history book fan and from your list I would read Shatter and A Girl in Paris :)

At least you would read a couple then.
Shatter is an excellent book, it's by Michael Robothom.

You'd have to bring your own bookcase Tas, ther'es no room on mine.

I have a really wide range for my tastes! I surprise myself with what I can curl up and read and just love. I am real interested in the spy stuff. I got into reading them from picking up some of hubs books when we first got together.

Thank you sie. I don't know what your taste in books is, but some of these are cracking good reads which I would highly recommend.

Aww thanks Ari!! I love it when folks share book titles and thoughts on them. Some of the very best books I've read have come to be thru somebody making a recommendation!! A bunch of these sound good!! :)