In Each Other We Trust By Connor Fitzgerald Reviewed By Hotreads

 When it comes to developing an exciting storyline that is packed with incident, tension, war heroics and sneering evil foreign villains, Fitzgerald certainly delivers. This is the second instalment of the B-Squad series based on an anti-terrorist unit, involved in overt and covert operations, in today's world. 

Their leader, Michael Ryan, is a civilian turned warrior who leads his team through missions in the US, and Europe. As an undercover operative in Belfast, where, despite the Peace Process, the ex-paramilitaries continue their involvement in terrorist activities he infiltrates an IRA cell but whilst the story twists and turns around the lives of the main characters Michael enjoys a wedding and then a baby before his daughter is snatched by the very villain he is hunting. A tense stand-off leads to his persona being elevated and the reader gets behind him and his squad as he develops his team into a worldwide terrorist fighting force.

So if you are looking for fast, tough, non-stop action, heroics and explosions, imaginatively put together from an exciting new author, with some genuinely shocking twists and turns, then In Each Other We Trust delivers; Big time!

5/5 stars for me and well worth a download from Amazon or if you prefer the paperback go to I-Proclaimbookstore, the same book is entitled B-Squad Revenge.
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26-30, F
May 14, 2012