The Enemy Within By Connor Fitzgerald Reviewed By Hotreads

More girls with guns!! And a celebration of human endurance and the will to survive along with insights into the human spirit in the world of today full of terrorists and people who simply wish to do us harm. Fitzgerald not only gives accurate details of the thoughts and actions of people involved in conflict but also gives the reader a glimpse of what is involved in Special Forces .

 The references to finding Bin Laden are wholley inaccurate but then again are they? This is thought provoking but also a fun action-packed thriller so hats off to the author for an exciting end to his debut series.

5/5 stars for me and well worth a download from Amazon or if you prefer the paperback go to I-Proclaimbookstore, the same book is entitled B-Squad War.
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26-30, F
May 14, 2012