Second Chapter

“So the older one is graduating soon?”
“Yes, he is halfway through his senior year. Are you really intending to recruit him?”
“Of course, we have sown our seeds, now it is time to reap. His powers will be useful for assassination.”
“Sir, if I may interject, we have no way of knowing of we can even control him. His Asperger’s makes his actions… Difficult to predict.”
“His DNA is within the normal genetic variation. We can control him as well as we can control any other humans.”
“I’ve taken the liberty of scanning his schoolwork. He’s bright, but he’s distrustful of others.”
“That’s to be expected because of his condition.”
“No, sir that is not what’s to be expected. One defining trait in Asperger’s is naivety. They have extreme difficulty keeping secrets.”
“And yet, no one has even an idea as to whether or not he has powers?”
“No sir, not a clue…”
“… Give him an incentive; make him want to work for us.”
“Yes sir, I’m sure our dental plan is all the rage with possible applicants.”
“Sarcasm noted. And the younger one?”
“He’s young and inexperienced, but it seems that his brothers’ training has given an extremely high degree of control.”
“They get along well?”
“Better than most brothers. It seems that the younger one is the only one he has developed an attachment to, and so the younger one is returning that affection. Where the older one goes, the younger will follow.”
“Any predictions on how they plan to use their powers, were we not to intervene in their lives?”
“This is purely speculative. They are currently only using their powers for practice, and to develop self-mastery. They aren’t using their powers any other way. So unless their prodded, I expect that they will remain anonymous and only use their powers subtly.”
“How do they interact with authority?”
“The older one is what we could call being silently stubborn. He will follow orders, even if he doesn’t agree with them. That is unless he finds an alternative method so he doesn’t need to obey orders and his refusal to obey is unlikely to be noticed. The younger one is less subtle. He frankly argues with his parents when he disagrees with them. It takes a lot to get him to do anything if he is unwilling.”
“This is intriguing. Send someone to speak with the older one. He needs to be recruited as soon as he graduated.”

Family time was an extremely excruciating time for Johnson. His parents weren’t aware that he or Allen had powers; and so, compared to the conversation with his brother, talking with his parents was relatively pointless. Many times, he questioned the wisdom of keeping it a secret from his parents. But what could really be gained? Compared to the consequences, the benefits were minute. He didn’t know how he knew, but his parents had a habit of withholding information from him. They only shared information when they thought it would be useful to him, which was a fallible logic because the very fact that he recognized he didn’t know something meant that he should be taught it. For an example, as a fourteen year old teenager, he realized there was another realm of knowledge in which he was previously unaware: sex. His parents were Mormon, and so they had a very narrow and biased view of the subject. One day, when he was discovered viewing ***********, his parents quickly put a lock and censors on all available media, “For his protection.” His mother claimed that it objectifies women and will degrade them in his sight. Yet the small experience he had with it was enough for him to realize that they weren’t completely correct. Primarily, women were not degraded in his eyes. Now he understood that they were not nearly as mysterious as he previously believed. He moved a step closer to understanding the female species. And only in some videos were women objectified. He preferred the videos where love blossomed between two individual and it was displayed through physical means. Also, she missed a point that women were also a producer of *********** other erotic material. This wasn’t to say that *********** was inherently good. Most of the time, it makes a mockery of sex out of love and it’s only a tool to make money for the producers. Then, put in the fact that most people in *********** videos are coerced into such an act, he would be unwise to say that such a thing was good. Like many things, it depended what you make of it. The very fact, however, that his parents tried to hide information from his sight created a rift of trust between them.
He spent a large amount of his free time observing individuals in courtship. Yet, he saw the same folly on both sides of the gender spectrum. There was a complete division of sex and love. The teenage boys wanted sex, but little love. The teenage girls wanted love, but little sex. No wonder relationships fell through. They were not fully taught the depth of how to be a courter. He briefly considered the possibility that because he had Asperger’s, relationships needed to be taught only to people like him. However, too many people fail at courtship for it to be naturally inherent. Did parents other than his fail to teach their children about sexuality and relations with the opposite gender? Probably, too many fail to have even a rudimentary understanding of how to court the other gender. A generation of misconceptions and lack of knowledge will be transferred to the next. Why does society place such a big secrecy about such things? What makes sex such a taboo topic? Even trying to investigate and ask why has been met with a barrier of embarrassing communication. What’s worse, his parents have forbidden such talk with his younger brother. “Leave it to the parents,” they said. Little did they know that their twelve year old son already knew the basics, without his help. Then, any misinformation they may give will demean themselves in Allen’s eyes.
And so, here they are eating dinner; his parents saying nothing of importance. His brother was sharing a look of understanding between them. Well soon, Allen would be capable enough that they could live on their own. Let them enjoy their illusionary control over them. It would not last.

Allen always felt awkward at the dinner table. He and Johnson were natural scientists, and their parents were natural religious zealots. He wished that his parents would explain why they acted the way they did. Why did they never say anything interesting or important? At his brother’s encouragement, he tried to ask his parents what to expect during puberty. Unfortunately, their answers were extremely ambiguous and basic. Already, he felt his limbs growing quickly, he was getting stronger. His brother had told him that there will be a lot more to expect when the pace of his development picks up. He focused his gaze on his brother. His brother often acts awkwardly, but that’s to be expected because of his Asperger’s. What impresses him was that he pretended he didn’t care, but he really poured his heart into their friendship; and as time progressed, he actually understood Johnson. He was so honest and frank. He was scared to death when he got caught by his brother trying telekinesis, but instead of revealing his telekinesis to others, or acting fearful around him, he helped him and taught him cool techniques. This gave him a lot of confidence in himself. He recognized how hard it was for Johnson to connect with anyone; this allowed him to appreciate their friendship all the more.
When they finished dinner, they would play chess together in his brother’s room. Allen loved to maneuver and plot strategies. He could even be considered strategically stronger than Johnson, kind of. The problem was that his brother would make seemingly erratic moves. When he questioned his brother’s tactics, he would respond, “I don’t know. I’m just trying something out.” His brother’s moves were still solid despite this, and he didn’t know where his brother was targeting until that he found himself at a severe disadvantage. “You think too solidly, try learning leniency in your moves,” his brother had said. Allen felt annoyed that he still couldn’t figure out what his brother was doing, but then he noticed that his brother’s king was trapped between some of his own pieces. He moved his bishop so that his brother’s king was in checkmate. “Checkmate!” He yelled. His brother made a little, “Hmmph,” and moved his rook onto Allen’s king’s square. “I was wondering when you would move the bishop out of the way.” This really annoyed Allen, he was the best at his school, he won every tournament; and yet he couldn’t beat his own brother. What annoyed him the most was that his brother didn’t really care for chess. Johnson played it because that’s what Allen wanted to do, and yet he almost always won. This showed the depth of their mutual understanding and love, he was solid and smart, and his brother was wily and taciturn. If ever they were to fight side by side, there would be no one who could beat them. Eventually, it was time for bed, and so he rested, ready for a new day.
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