Have No Fear

I have had more near death experiences than i can remember or want to. I have crossed over, as it were. seen angels and demons. experienced horror this side and on the next plane. conclusion. I wouldn't want to admit this for any other reason than if it helped someone else. truly. there is nothing to fear unless you allow it to make you afraid. Call on God and his angels in Jesus name and truly know and believe and you are safe.
There was one occasion I was actually dying and an angel literally spoke to me and assured there was nothing to fear, even if this life ended, its just the beginning of another life. So I put the decision in Gods hands and I lived. Now this life is precious and an amazing gift and anything or anyone who tries to make you live in fear and live in depression, well then, you are being misled. Generally that person doing the misleading is ourselves. Easier said than done. I know. I was always suspicious and unbelieving of my supernatural experiences and really wanted there to be a rational explanation, but there really isnt. God and his angels are truly with you and you just have to ask for their help. fight or flight fear is good, but the kind of fear that cripples your life is not from God and once you understand that you can stand above it, and really it crumbles away.
41-45, M
Jun 24, 2012