My Best Friend!

Books are my best friend as I like to be with them whenever I get free. I was the only boy in the class wearing glass on my little nose. My parents used to blame my mute friends for my fuzzy eye sight. I know they cause little harm to my eyes but still they are my only friends I can trust. I love reading books. I'm proud of my reading habit.
Opekkha Opekkha
22-25, M
4 Responses Jul 9, 2012

Reading keeps me going. I read fast, and always have a book with me. I lost some of my beloved books when my ex-husband and I divorced, but I would estimate that I still have between 1600 and 2000 books. And I go to the library almost every day. Recently I bought my first e-book, just to see if I liked it, but I really prefer the look, feel, and smell of real books.

I've just bought a bookshelf to keep my books altogether. I wish to make it a mini library. :)

OMG! your collection is huge! I think you swallow all kinds of book but which ones are your all time favorite?

I was reading before I turned three, and have been wearing glasses since I was five. I love to read! You should indeed be proud of your reading habit.

people laugh at me for my habit,for being unsocial! but I carried on what I like to do.

And so you should be.

so i am.