Books Burnt And A Lot Learnt

This is a salvation story which starts with no date and specific time. When words become the spears to kill men and their hearts, they decided to finish this culture by solemnizing themselves to the creation of the last book, this of one which indeed shall shut down the culture of writing, speaking & reading.

For the decades it has been realized that those love stories failed only because of use of persuasive and capricious words, words of betrayal and severance of the unexplained desertion. For centuries, the statutes failed to maintain peace, the words of promises that enjoyed butter out of votes failed to stand before the expectation of millions. Those pacts and agreements actually never agreed and all sins occurred in name of words. It has been so handy to say sorry to someone and thanks, they left with no particular feeling or meaning. We thrived to evolve in order to explain our emotions, they are taken but not understood to our hopes and expectations, they’re thrown in dump yard of fallacy and nonentity.

Need of words indeed sponsored by a hope to portray and reflect what we feel but a question for years remained unanswered and silent…. Can degrees of our emotions be explained? If not, why we stick to something which has been evidently disastrous to ourselves ?

We worked for a long time on problem to solution method. Now they would ask, if not words, then what…? Indeed it will take a long term of practice and zeal but this of the problem can also be solved… It is maximum use of gestures, sign languages, portrayal by painting and yogic emissions what we call telepathy. This will seem impractical, but what practical is ? Isn’t it the practice, practice which can be altered to serve human needs better ? There is a long way for human being to go and there shall be many possibilities and solutions. Many languages evolved these years and so came the regionalism and further unwanted consequences. You can see the beauty, feel it..yet can’t express or find suitable word for it. Love itself can’t be folded in love. That is why it is said that action speaks more than words.
zeneriq zeneriq
22-25, M
Aug 5, 2012