50 Shades Of .... Crappy Writing.

I didn't make it past the 3rd chapter. It was just too painful. Enough said.
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The books do not give a decent feel for the life style of submission.

The only reason I read all three is because when I start a series I have to finish even if it's full a bad writing. There was noting that surprised me or made my jaw drop, my husband and I have been doing most of that stuff for years (aside for the butt plugs). I felt the charters were fake and unrealistic that carried no depth. I don't understand the hype when there is so many better exotic books out there. I liked Bared to you a bit better with the writing but fell flat in many areas. What I don't understand is why is all these people rich? I want to scream ''come on" aren't we in a recession? Do poor and middle class couples not have sex? My husband was a poor military solider living with roommates when we met and he was into some crazy stuff, lol.

My first good laugh in far too long! Gives me a separate inspiration though....

That's exactly why I didn't bother- I heard the same thing. A better one is " Brie Learns the Art of Submission."

While I got the concept, it was poorly executed.

She repeated many of the same phrases over and over, the characters had no depth and werent "real". The way she attempted to describe the sex scences and intimate encounters didnt draw you in.

Maybe people who arent familiar with the world of kink were aroused, excited, and felt the trilogy was great.

I couldnt read past the second book in part two...just boring and irritating it was.

50 Shades is about an abusive creepy stalker,not a romantic hero,and one particular part gets me,if he's so good in bed how come he can't last beyond a song?? Also had difficulty with the butt plug scenes,if Ana can fit her colossally huge head/ego stuck up her arse,what difference will a little butt plug make? Poorly written dialogue,shoddy research and terrible terrible sex scenes including the usage of "south of my navel" which really gave my workmates a good laugh!! Would say mindless drivel but fact is,ladies want a Christian Grey,who is a psychotic abusive stalker,and that's what's dangerous about these books..

I bought the series for my GF, she enjoyed reading them. The subject matter is of interest to me but I read a paragraph or two of each book and I have to say I do agree.

Truthfully, it wasn't at all hardcore.

*shrug* i really enjoyed the series. It wasnt shocking at all if anything gave me some ideas .

I thought I was the only one. I have had five people try to give me this book and I refused on principle--the premise, for starters. I trusted my instinct that this was probably something that was going to disappoint me. Thanks for confirming that my instinct was right. Crappy writing? Shocking.

LOL, from what I understand it is dull and not that "Shocking". I saw a review for it on another site basicly stating, erotica has been around for years and done better than what you will find in 50 shades. I also read it started as a twlight fandom type writing, which right there made me not even bother!