For me i know its a great book when within the first chapter i am groped into the world of the novel , as if am there every step of away. feeling what each character feels and predicting whats going to happen , although i do not get a lot of time to predict as i end up reading the whole thing, constantly being attached to the book i am reading at that moment. i find that although i personally love reading it also helps me educationally espeacially with my english essays. my imagination has progessed and my knowledge widened , maybe not my spelling !! , i enjoy books about children mainly abandoned although i have recently read about a child actress which i also found interesting. during the summer i went all out and opted for a completely new book called 'protecting jacob' an advanced book about law that was full of shock and big words i highly recommend it , was a great challenge !
saywhatyouwant saywhatyouwant
18-21, F
Sep 13, 2012