Books Make Women Elegant And Independent

I used to be a book worm in college.Liberary is the fanscinating place i haunted most.Some subjects are so boring that i would rather indulge myself in the books written by elites.Yep.I used to skip classes to go there to read.It looks like im talking to the amazing ppl when i immersed in the books.I regret that i hardly sqeeze time to read whenever and whatever i want any more after setting foot into society.Damn! If it's possible,i hope to pick up reading some day.=。=
sarah0926 sarah0926
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1 Response Sep 16, 2012

When in school, if reading a really good book on the commute in, I would skip class, go straight to the study hall and continue reading! Eventually I had to make sure that my morning reading wasn t too I could get to class occassinally!